Umesyu ¥500

This delicious plum wine was made with Japanese plum, crystal sugar and shochu. The depth is reflected though the taste of shochu.


Potekara ¥650

The potato salad cooked on the plate with special chili & prawnsauce.

Mantoru is:

We are cozy Restaurant of 18 seats.

Quiet retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The high ceiling of an old warehouse, feels like a hideout where you want to take your friends, family and someone special to have special moment away from the busy everyday life.

Welcome to Mantoru.

About Nagoya-style okonomiyaki.

Nagoya-style okonomiyaki is different to Osaka, which mix the ingredients together and bake it on the hot plate or Hiroshima style.
The "Nagoya-style" which I start call it, would put a layer and a layer of the ingredients and bake on top of the big teppan plate.
The okonomiyaki restaurant "Mantoru" which has been continued to be loved in Kita-ku, Nagoya for 50 years.
Each oknomiyaki is carefully created one by one for everyone to enjoy.

How to make Nagoya-style okonomiyaki.

The first layer is a layer of the mixture with dried bonito powder.

Then add the cabbage. The taste for the sweetness of the cabbage are important. Furthermore, shavings of dried bonito powder, a sprinkle of dried small prawns and cover the whole with tenkasu. Then add the red pickled ginger, wait until the base is cooked well. Next add an egg and another layer of mixture whole thoroughly from the corner.

Top with the sauce of your choice to complete the taste.

Happy life come from "good food","healthy life"and "Gratitude".

With friends, family, couple, or just by yourself, Please feel free to come. We are looking forward to seeing you.

Nagoya style okonomiyaki-monjayaki of Mantoru


Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, Kita-ku, Shimizu 4-1-24
℡: 052-917-2303


Lunch: 11:30~14:00
Dinner: 17:00~23:00
Sunday and holidays: ~22:00
Summer time(July to the end of September): Dinner 18:00~

Regular holiday

Every Tuesday, the third Monday